"Perfect Event Support" installation department designs, supplies and installs reliable, cost-sensitive 'Sound, Audio Visual, Lighting, and Staging Systems'.


Whether you’re an individual client, a wedding planner, an architect, consultant, venue manager or owner, technician we understand your unique situation because of our 15+ years’ experience working with others like you.
We’re experienced, approachable and have an internal team that can look after all aspects of your enquiry from design, procurement, logistics, installation and follow on service.


We take time to explain why we are making certain recommendations and how to get the best result from your systems. We also have a support network so if you run into trouble we’re just a phone call or visit away (especially having to do with Santorini Island since we are permanently located there).


When you choose "Perfect Event Support" as your preferred installation company, you will also have the opportunity to choose a tailored service and maintenance contract to enhance your investment and give you complete peace of mind.
Whatever you decide, we’d love to arrange with you a personal meeting with one of our experienced installation designers, so feel free to contact us.